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This program was designed to give the information that is NEEDED in EVERY gun dog owners life. What if you are going to take your dog to a trainer? The pros will still be able to do all the stuff that makes them a great trainer but now it just got easier! Puppies most of the time are not sent off  to school until 6 months at the earliest! This is what you do with them until then… the program gives everything an owner needs to help their dog develop all the good habits and the strongest foundation to help any trainer turn the dog into a hunting machine.  

After this course your dog will be...

-House Trained
-Driven to retrieve
-Limit bad habits 
-Live bird intro 
-Dead Bird intro
-Established Point or Flush
-Gain bird confidence
and be ready to take the field!

The “Started Dog” program is a game changer for any dog owner. This course comes with the HIGHEST Amount of Value! This course is known as “Building the Foundation”. 

Ask yourself a few questions:

-Do you know what to do with your puppy as soon as you get them home?

-Are you planning on taking your gun dog to a trainer? 

– Do you know how to build a foundation for your dog to build on in the field?

No matter how you answered these questions, you can benefit from the started dog program. Here are a few things to consider when bring home your new gundog. You, as a dog owner have so much influence over the habits that are about to develop in your gundog. Think about this example, often times, we want our gundogs to also be well behaved, chill house dogs. So why is it that every time someone walks through the front door the dog goes crazy and even jumps on the guest?? 

The answer is simple, the owner, when the dog was 9 weeks to 3 months did a poor job at socialization, amped up the puppy every time they walked in the front door and did not get ground level to praise the puppy which encouraged jumping behavior early on. All bad behaviors that seem cute when a dog is 10 lbs but not when it grows into a 50 lb hunting machine. 

Started Dog Course

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