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Full Gundoggin Academy



This is the full course to take your companion all the way from young pup to finished guide ready hunting machine. Includes over 50 instructional videos covering the following... Getting Started: Mindset, Gear, Bird Bag, Best Bird Hunting Tactics, How to Reward Picking a Pup: Selecting a Breeder, Questions to ask when selecting a breeder/dog, Picking the perfect puppy, Reading a pedigree Socialization, house training, instilling drive to retrieve, wing on a string, bad habit prevention, Quartering right vs wrong, intro to dead bird, intro to live bird, establishing a point, reward for establishing a point, and advanced stages of establishing a point. Gun intro, collar conditioning, whoa broke, sit with collar, here with collar Steady to wing and shot, trained retrieve, keeping your dog in shape for next season  

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