Private Training

We understand gun dog training is tough, so consult and expert!

Let us be clear, there truly is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL in the gundog world. One of the biggest thing we can harp on as professional trainers is NO gun dog is created EQUAL. They are just like people, some have more talents then others and can all have their own issues while developing into high powered hunting machines. This is why having a professional trainer on speed dial can make all of the difference when training your pup. We want to service those who are SERIOUS about training their gundog and understanding the dog themselves. This subscription will give you unlimited access to our course and unlimited access to one of our GUNDOGGIN experts. 

Here is how it works...

No dog is the same, talk to an expert!

a monthly subscription that includes:

– All Courses- All the way from Gundog Health to Finished dog

– Unlimited 30min- 1hr Sessions with our Experts

-No Secrets

– 3,000 minutes of video + word instruction+ private training instruction

-Professional Training Q+A Group  

Private Gundog Training

Custom Taylored training for your dog
$ 400 per month
  • All Gundoggin Courses including: Getting Started, Started Dog, Field Ready, Advanced, and Health
  • Unlimited Private Training Sessions with one of our Gundoggin Experts
  • Professional Q+A Training Group
  • Grandfathered into all future gundoggin content
Most Value


Have questions about anything Gun Dogs and are looking to talk to an expert? Consult one of our trainers in this private one on one session. You can talk puppies, breeders, gear, and of course training tips and tricks without the subscription. 

Gundoggin Consulting

Anything Gundoggin
$ 40
One time payment
  • 30 minute- 1 hour
  • Private one on one advice
  • Get to know Gundoggin Staff
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