Getting Started

Ready to get a puppy or need some info?

Getting a puppy can be scary, so we created something with all the information you need when you are first starting out. After this course you will be ready to

– have a proper mindset and disposition for your pup
– have the proper gear
– know proper hunting tactics
– the right reward
– Selecting a breeder
– Tips and tricks to picking a puppy
– reading and understanding pedigree’s 

This course is often the most overlooked in terms of value. However, if you truly want a high powered gundog it is important to not skip any steps. This is an opportunity to start off on the right foot and gain extra knowledge that most people that are not in the inner circle do not even have a clue about. This can be the difference between having an average dog and a great one. 

Getting Started

The very begining
$ 25 One Payment
  • Getting Started Course

Gundoggin Academy

The key to a high powered gundog
$ 199
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  • The full gundoggin academy
  • Pro Trainer Chat
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