Field Ready

Think your dog is ready to hunt?

Have you built a proper foundation for your dog and now you’re ready to take them into the field? or do you need a little obedience? This course is the one for you, this usually happens from 8 months to a year and half old depending on the progression of your dog. This course will introduce you and your dog to…

– Introduction to guns
– Ready for a collar 
– Obedience 
– Whoa 
and more…

This is when it starts to get to the fun part. Your dog is ready for the field, he or she can do all the things a hunting dog needs to be able to do but the dog is still missing a few tools. The objective of this course is to get control of your dog in order to be able to take your dog out with large groups and have the best success possible. The importance of a proper gun introduction is second to none. After you have built a proper foundation, this would be the time you could now take your dog to a professional if you do not feel comfortable moving forward. This is when dedication and repetition becomes key. 

Field Ready

Ready to hunt
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Gundoggin Academy

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