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The best thing the gun dog community has seen in quite sometime. As a group of professional trainers, we noticed a problem. People would have their dogs trained but when they came out to pick them up, they were unable to work their own dogs. The understanding between owner and dog is slim to none and most trainers don’t have enough hours in the day to help everyone understand their dog. There was no solution out there that would allow people to understand the training process in one systematic approach, at best someone could piece together a few youtube videos but likely this would just confuse more than help, and thus the Gundoggin Community was born to solve a problem. This is something unique, we have the experts share all of their secrets. This is nearly 40 years of experience across multiple trainers. The content contains nearly 3,000 minutes of video, word instruction, and diagrams. This is a step by step process of how gun dogs are created to be hunting machines. We believe every hunting dog should reach their full potential, and this is our initiative to achieve that goal. Once this was finally put together, we realized anyone could use this, whether you want to train your own high powered gun dog from your front yard, have your dog trained at a trainer, or want to have the most well behaved pet out there, we can promise you there is something we can help with and we are just getting started too! This platform is made to become the most extensive information about gundogs on the planet today!

Here is how we broke it down...

Getting Started

The tools to set you up right for productive training

Started Dog

Everything you need to build a proper foundation

Field Ready

Taking that started dog to the next level for the field

Advanced Gundog

A PHD for your birdog, help them be the best

Gundog Health

The tools you need to keep your best friend healthy


– 2 experts

– 40+ years of combined experience

-No Secrets

– 3,000 minutes of video + word instruction

– Step by step system

– Pro Trainers Area

GunDoggin Academy

The Full Course
$ 497 One Payment
  • All Gundoggin Courses including: Getting Started, Started Dog, Field Ready, and Advanced
  • Gundoggin Pro Trainers Area
  • Grandfathered into future Gundoggin content
Most Value


Getting Started

The very begining
$ 50 One Payment
  • Getting started course

Started Dog

Build a proper foundation
$ 299
One Payment
  • Started Dog Course

Field Ready

Good to go in the field
$ 199
One Payment
  • Field Ready Course


Take them to the next level
$ 149
One Payment
  • Advanced Dog Course
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