Advanced Dog

Ever dreamed of your own high powered gundog?

You know those dogs that you see once and it forever changes your perspective on gundogs? The once in a life-time kind of pups. This is gundoggin’s stab at helping you take your dog to the next level. These dogs are well seasoned, well trained, and have had hour upon hours poured into making them something special. This dog is meant to be a true bird machine. Upland hunting or waterfowl, it doesn’t matter this dog is next level and if you don’t take him along you will feel lost. This is something in which everyone should witness once in life, a high powered gun dog that can help YOU live the GUNDOGGIN lifestyle. 

What a high powered gun dog looks like...

Advanced Dog

Next Level
$ 50 one payment
  • Advanced Dog Course

Gundoggin Academy

The whole dang thing
$ 199
one payment
  • GunDoggin Academy
  • Pro Trainers Chat
  • Grandfathered into future Gundoggin content
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