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Gundoggin was created to solve a problem. This was created in order to help people better understand their gun dogs, any breed. This program was created with experts in order to help anyone get their dog to the true potential. Whether you are sending your dog to a trainer, or not, everyone can benefit from Gundoggin Academy, this was made to help everyone live the Gundoggin lifestyle.  

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Valhalla Hunt Club and Kennels


VALHALLA is home to one of the top short hair breeding programs in the country, some have even said it to rank #1. WIth the production of great genes comes the demand for GREAT TRAINERS. Valhallas “Gun Dog School of Excellence” is known for taking pups to fully functioning gundogs, but GUNDOGGIN is taking it up a notch. This program is meant to take any dog to the next level. This program will teach you how to make your guide’s dog ashamed

Their 1 Dog: Don

At Valhalla our training program focuses on consistently turning out exceptional bird dogs. Obviously the natural talent of every dog varies but our trainers work to bring out the best in every client and the goal is to deliver a hunting companion that is confident in the field and is responsive to the handler.

How does Valhalla define a well-trained bird dog?

Over 40 years of combined training experience 20 years of a dedicated training program has put Valhalla’s program is a nationally recognized training program that has set the standard in consistently producing the ultimate upland bird dog. Our professional staff focuses on providing the ultimate experience for both dog and owner. Producing a bird dog that you can brag about at the end of the hunt.

Trainers take great pride in the level of training that dogs have upon leaving one of our programs and are passionate about providing results for every owner.

HEAD TRAINER: Russel MacLennan

Russell MacLennan is a respected bird dog breeder, trainer and upland hunting guide. He began his amateur training career in 1989 with a black lab named Buddy. Since then he has trained all breeds of sporting dogs and their owners for performance in the field and basic obedience in the home.

Russell is no stranger to competition, at age 14 he competed in the Colorado Pheasant Hunting Championships, hosted by Pheasants Forever. Along with the help of Sir Hershey of Surrey and Delery Guillory they won top honors. Since, Russell has trained for, and competed in a variety of competitions including:

  • National Bird Dog Challenge Association
  • A.K.C. hunt tests and horseback trials
  • A.P.L.A. qualifiers and many local hunting trials
  • Russell and his dog “Boo” own the record for the fastest time set in the Colorado Open Pheasant Hunting Championships. In 1997, Russell and “Boo” completed a six pheasant run in less than 5 minutes, posting one of the highest scores ever.

Russell was born with a gift to understand dogs and the patience to teach their owners.


Fusion Bird Dog Training


My philosophy on field training has matured over the years as I’ve gleaned pieces and parts from a variety of sources. Perhaps the most important part of my training philosophy is not putting too much pressure on a dog when training but understanding how much pressure to apply and when. While it requires a tremendous amount of patience, asking a dog to learn only that which s/he is mature enough to learn ensures long-term success. I’ve seen young Vizslas pushed too hard, too quickly who then shutdown and loose their enjoyment for field work. Yes, they “get the job done” but look so mechanical when doing it and show very little indepence to work without the direction of their handler. Most important is that my Vizslas always wear that huge smile on their faces as they zoom through the field hunting for birds. I hope they will always have that deep passion for working birds from when they’re just baby birds dogs who can’t make mistakes to when they’re “broke” gun dogs who have learned how to hunt with manners.

Their 1 Dog: Bugatti


I started learning about training bird dogs well over a dozen years ago.  When I saw my first Vizsla, Remus, point for the first time it changed my world.  Literally.  I became obsessed with understanding bird dogs and training them.  I sought out mentors and learned from those with experience.  Now, I train bird dogs (and sometimes their humans) professionally. 

Though I’ve titled/pointed dogs in the show ring (conformation)and in the field (hunting tests and field trials), my true passion is hunting and training.  Watching a bird dog learn is like putting a puzzle together — one piece at a time.  Sometimes we have to look a little harder for the correct piece (just like we sometimes have to look a little harder for the way a particular dog can learn/understand) but it’s critical to keep searching if we want the complete the puzzle.

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