Understanding Your Gundog

We believe in gundogs reaching their highest potential. We desire the most well behaved pets and the best hunting machines we can create. Gundoggin is a place where people can come to not only learn from  experts but share tips, tricks, and everything to help one another live a lifestyle alongside their best hunting partner. The lifestyle by definition…

(GUN DOGGIN’) – Verb

  1. Running Gun Dogs
  2. Daily Care of Gun Dogs
  3. Hunting Gun Dogs
  4. Paying Vet Bills
  5. Buying Gun Dog Gear
  6. Replacing Destroyed Personal Belongings
  7. Buying new Gun Dog approved vehicles.
  8. Counting down the days until Hunting Season
  9. Sharing your best and worst days in the Field
  10. A Lifestyle

Gundoggin Academy

The most innovative way to learn about your gun dog. GUNDOGGIN Academy offers you everything you need to train one of the most POWERFUL GUNDOGS in the game. Our goal is to “Train the Trainer” so you no longer have to send your partner in crime away to the kennel. Our program goes in depth taking you all the way from picking a puppy to turning that pup into a full on hunting MACHINE. We want to develop dogs that can go the distance and now is your chance to learn all the tricks of the trade.

Meet the Experts

Russell Maclennan

Russell MacLennan is a respected bird dog breeder, trainer and upland hunting guide. He began his amateur training career in 1989 with a black lab named Buddy. Since then he has trained all breeds of sporting dogs and their owners for performance in the field and basic obedience in the home.

Russell is no stranger to competition, at age 14 he competed in the Colorado Pheasant Hunting Championships, hosted by Pheasants Forever. Along with the help of Sir Hershey of Surrey and Delery Guillory they won top honors. Since, Russell has trained for, and competed in a variety of competitions including:

  • National Bird Dog Challenge Association
  • A.K.C. hunt tests and horseback trials
  • A.P.L.A. qualifiers and many local hunting trials
  • Russell and his dog “Boo” own the record for the fastest time set in the Colorado Open Pheasant Hunting Championships. In 1997, Russell and “Boo” completed a six pheasant run in less than 5 minutes, posting one of the highest scores ever.

Mel Reveles

I started learning about training bird dogs well over a dozen years ago.  When I saw my first Vizsla, Remus, point for the first time it changed my world.  Literally.  I became obsessed with understanding bird dogs and training them.  I sought out mentors and learned from those with experience.  Now, I train bird dogs (and sometimes their humans) professionally. 

Though I’ve titled/pointed dogs in the show ring (conformation)and in the field (hunting tests and field trials), my true passion is hunting and training.  Watching a bird dog learn is like putting a puzzle together — one piece at a time.  Sometimes we have to look a little harder for the correct piece (just like we sometimes have to look a little harder for the way a particular dog can learn/understand) but it’s critical to keep searching if we want the complete the puzzle.

Our Courses

Everything you need to pick a quality puppy and get ready to train.

Getting Started

This course will take you from the puppy stage all the way to a started bird dog.

Started Dog

After completing this course you will have taken your bird dog from started to field ready.

Field Ready

This course will take your dog from field ready to a guide ready hunting machine.


Professionally filmed by: Brandon Fien

Brandon is a young, enthusiastic, world class videographer and photographer who has helped us bring the knowledge of Gundoggin right to your fingertips. 

Check out some of Brandon’s other work.:

Students and Counting
years of experience

Gundoggin Academy

  • Learn how your dog is trained and the behaviors that are expected of them.
  • Do not have to send your dog off to the kennel for nearly as long, if you need usually 1 month 
  • Spend $1500 on training total including gundoggin academy and any extra training. 
  • Have a one on one connection with your dog in which will help them reach their highest potential along your side

No Gundoggin Academy

  • No concept of how your dog is trained and what the true potential is, the owner only sees the begging and end 
  • Dog can expect to spend at least 3 months to be fully trained 
  • Spend anywhere from 3-8 thousand dollars on training 
  • Have no true bond with your bird dog.

Let us evaluate your dog and help you pick the correct course!

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